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Is my Soft Water System ruining my Hot Water Heaters???

I have lived in the same home for 25 years. 12 years ago I purchase a soft water system and found that my water heaters do not last more then 3-5 years. Is the salt ruining my hot water heaters. I am replacing one now that I put in 3 years ago and it's all rusted out. It's only me and my husband and we have 2 50gal hot water heaters. I want a tankless but is my soft water system going to ruin those too??

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I would say anytime you subject salt to metal you'll have a potential rust problem, but the tankless water heater is just that tankless the salt while being present won't stay there for a long period of time and shouldn't cause as much damage.  I would think if you were to flush a regular water heater say once a moth or at least once every other month the salt sediment at the bottom of the tank woud be removed increasing the life span of the water heater.  You may also want to consider a plastic lined tank that would take the salt better.  another option that may help is a continous hot water type system that actually has a thermostat built into the pump that will start pumping the warm water back into the cold supply water keeping the water flowing several times a day which would help eliminate any settling of salt (check with Lowes or Home Depot).  Also check with the softner's distributor to make sure the settings are all correct. 

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