What would the Barbie Doll's measurement be if she were life size?

What would the Barbie Doll's measurement be if she were life size? 

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I don't KNOW, I just like the dressWinkAND, it's PINKWinkI love pink!

It is significant that the product of these measurements is 24320. This number contains two of her measurement, 20 and 32. This leaves the digit four which is the greatest common factor of 20 and 32. The remaining two factors are 5 and 8. 8 can be represented as 2^3. 3 is the first odd prime which, when place in front of the 8 gives us Barbie's third measurement.


Now  you can see why numerology is more fun than playing with dools.


Ranger, I hope that you didn't tell anybody that I asked yo to ask that question.


Madam Z's  Number One Zen Numberologist

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

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