Why Socialist Ideas Continue To Fail? Have you ...

Why Socialist Ideas Continue To Fail?

Have you had enough of the politics of Hope and Change?  Has anybody bothered to explain to the less fortunate among us that the Democratic Party, specifically the progressives/socialists among them, consistently vote for woefully designed social programs that ultimately hurts this voting block that they need to maintain their grasp on power? I will…

On the campaign trail, how many times did we hear candidate Barack Obama lie? I can make a firm pledge,” he said in Dover, N.H. “Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.He repeatedly vowed, “You will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime.”

At the time, Obama was showing us how the game would be played: class warfare, in which his administration would pick the winners and losers. Wow, that sounds great, since his desire all along was to further divide segments of our society.  Think of the evil rich!  You know, those who don’t pay their fair share, another liberal lie. It seems those promises, like most campaign promises, went up in smoke as soon as he was sworn into office.


Let’s not forget the pending “soda tax” to control childhood obesity. What comes next: the food police? Of course, when Michelle Obama is not jet-setting around the world and living large on the taxpayers dollar, she needed a cause; thus, the FLOTUS began telling us, especially school children, what we must eat.

The largest federal increase in tobacco taxes took effect despite President Obama’s promise not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000. The poor tend to smoke more so than the ‘rich’; subsequently, this is a regressive tax on the poor.  Once in office, President Obama signed a law raising the federal tobacco tax on a pack of cigarettes to $1.01. Other tobacco products saw similarly steep increases.

Barack Obama said in the campaign that Americans could have a broad boost in affordable health insurance for the nation without raising taxes on anyone but the rich. What has resulted is health insurance premiums rising; employers are cutting jobs in anticipation of the onerous burden to be placed on them while they implement the forced mandates of ObamaCare.

trans Why Progressive Socialist ideas continue to failAgain on the campaign trail: “Listen now,” candidate Obama said in his widely watched nomination acceptance speech. “I will cut taxes—cut taxes—for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.” (Another lie as all the tax increases mentioned above and below have just demonstrated.)

The middle class hasn’t begun to see the effect of the tyranny about to be brought upon them and the rest of America when the  ”Bush Tax Cuts” expire and President Obama’s new tax policies begin to take place in early 2013. It is reasonable to conclude, using the failed economic policies of past progressive presidents that many more jobs will be lost.  How does that help the poor? Tending to be less educated, will they not be among the first to be terminated?

While continually blaming the policies of George W. Bush for his economic woes, he promised that if Congress would keep letting him borrow more money, unemployment would not go below 8%.  Factually using faked numbers from the White House, on the low end the unemployed consistently remained at over 9%.  Factoring in CBO numbers, the under-employed, those working part time, and those who have quit looking for employment, most economist agree that the real rate of unemployment remains in the neighborhood of 16% (with black unemployment in many areas of the country in the mid to high twenty percentile.)

Do you recall the irony of President Obama’s pitch for Cap and Trade legislation while claiming energy prices will skyrocket?  With my energy policy your utility bills will necessarily skyrocket” said President Obama at the time. This progressive energy tax creates tax hikes on every single American, thus once again another regressive tax on the less fortunate and the poor. Then, legislation was signed in a Pelosi-led Congress increasing the alcohol tax at the federal level.  Who will be affected more by an extra 25 cents for a bottle of Bud, the ‘rich’ or the ‘poor’? Using slight of hand to raise taxes on gasoline, “Obama reissues call to end oil company tax breaks.” Of course, this will be passed on to the customer in the form of a stealth tax at the pump. This will help the poor exactly how?

Again, President Obama has said repeatedly that he will not raise taxes on families and businesses making less than $250,000. Of course the devil is in the details. Paul Volcker mentioned that new taxes, and possibly a VAT, would be needed to rein in large deficits. We are being led to believe that a VAT will generate more tax revenue, arguing that it’s more efficient because it doesn’t tax savings and investment. Do the poor and less fortunate tend to have savings and investments? Doubtfully. Lost upon the socialists and progressive currently in power is the truism that no country in world history has taxed its way into prosperity.

Let us never forget that today’s horrible deficits represent the out-of-control spending by elected officials from both parties that have for years spent our tax dollars on failed programs. These failed programs, largely designed to help the poor, have actually hurt them, forcing them to accept a dependency mentality and a belief system that big government programs and the Liberal Democratic party is looking out for them.  Truthfully, it’s the opposite.  Again, these so-called “leaders” depend upon the ignorant and uneducated among us for their votes.

The wars on housing, poverty, (note that President Obama has increased spending in the 2011 budget on these failed programs to historic levels),  drugs, and teen pregnancy, all designed with our tax dollars to help the poor, have instead greatly harmed them. Think of living in government housing projects (many of which have long since been bulldozed) among gang members, drug addicts, and prostitutes, with virtually all of them carrying a gun.

As candidate Obama’s favorite pastor has said, “The chickens have come home to roost.”  Sadly, the poor and less fortunate will be burdened disproportionately with increased taxes at a time in American history when they can least afford it.

The answers involve looking to the successes of recent history. Presidents JFK, Reagan, and Bush, all cut taxes across the board, providing increased revenue and jobs with sustained growth in the private sector.

In this sense, the Republican Party represents the party of progress for the poor and less fortunate among us, and they are welcomed to our party. The Republican party is not the party of “No.” It must become the party of “No More Wasteful Spending” which hurts all Americans, especially the poor. The Democratic Party is the party of “No you can’t. “We can do it better for you. Of course, we will use other peoples’ money.”

Profits employ – Taxes Destroy.



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If socialism is failing explain how socialist Germany is bailing out Greece, which was destroyed by investment bankers...

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So ending the Bush tax cuts will bring tyranny ? GTFO ! with this bullshit already , shit a brain and discard of the one sitting inside your skull . Take a look at the freaking DOW and explain how that's socialism .

Why does a third of the nation reject nthe GOP agenda ? why does Wall street perfom better under dem administarions ? why do dems leave behind surplusus ? why do the dems always have to clean up after republicansa and lastly what has the GOP accomplished in the past twenty years ? ZILCH !

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