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Why is my name in capital letters on my social security card?

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It has to do with Maritime Admiralty Law. Maritime admiralty is banking law & it says that because you were born from your mother's water you are an admiralty product. This is why ships sit in births and they are tied to the dock and the captain has to give a certificate of manifest to the port authority. This is why when you were born you have to have a birth certificate. It's got to be signed by the "doc" (doctor) cause that's where the ship is tied to, the dock. Why does the doctor sign your birth certificate? Because you came down your mother's water canal ergo you are a maritime admiralty product and that's the Law! Your birth certificate is signed by your mother and next time look at it and you will see that it does not say parent or mother, it says, "informant". Your mother was informing the banks that she has just produced another PRODUCT to be bought and sold. So, with your name in all capital letters, you are recognized not as a natural person, but as a corporation, or product. Welcome to America!

I thought it was because the governmnet sees me as a corporation and not an individual. Is there any way to get rid of you SS#?  Was the social security system in effect when the law was made? Thanks, Amanda

Social(ist) Security was implemented into law by Roosevelt as part of his "New Deal" and is, unfortunately a requirement for just about every job and various other aspects of your financial life. So, if it were possible to get rid of it, you probably shouldn't. Personally, I think everything that you earn should be paid directly to you.

The creation of it is entirely socialist (hence the name) as it assumes that you must not be responsible with your own money and incapable of supporting yourself as you see fit. I also don't agree with it doubling as a form of ID. But we're stuck with it.

The government declaring you as a corporation is a separate issue entirely. In fact, in some cases, you can escape prosecution by denying your name in all caps as your actual name. Most people don't know their laws, and just submit to all the frauds our government imposes on us, such as paying income tax. There is NO LAW in any legal document that states that the people are required to pay income tax. Call the IRS and ask them. They'll only give you the run-around, or just hang up on you. Many IRS agents have quit after discovering this.

There's a lot of stuff to know, and I suggest checking out author and speaker Jordan Maxwell. He goes into detail about all this kinda stuff. Also, check out the documentary called America: Freedom to Fascism.

One other very important video to watch:

Esoteric Agenda

This one goes into the capitalization of your name.

Our name is in ALL CAPS in order to set up our "STRAWMAN" an artificial entity that our government uses to build wealth for them not us. We don't own any of our property, real or personal. It seems as if we own those things because we retain possession of them but really THEY own all of our things and make a fortune off of us. When you sign your kids birth certificate you are basically are transferring their rights over to the government as did our parents to us and so on and so forth. I'm not a connoisseur on the topic I actually just found this out today!!! I encourage everyone to do some research on "STRAWMAN" you will be enlightened and disgusted simultaneously. There is a way to take over your strawman and whatever money is owed to you by filling out a UCC-1 (Uniform Commercial Code) financial statement it would be best to seek legal advice before you do this. I'm not sure if this is true but someone informed me that EVERYONE who has a social security number has an account with not less than $1,000,000 under the name of their strawman however judges have been schooled on this and anyone who goes before a judge with this all of the paperwork and everything else will be under intense scrutiny!! Good luck to all and so much for the AMERICAN DREAM!!

What happens if you sign your social security card?

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