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Outline the role of risk in contemporary society and the idea that we live in a risk society

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in a free society: choice problem is the responsibility of an individual - not a diktat by a state.

choice => options => forgoing one or the other -> based on expected satisfaction derived from exercising the choice. - in other words - expected rewards - by making a choice - taking a path.. a fork in a road - forces one to take a path...


all options come with benefits (expected satisfaction - or expected utility - in economic parlay) - and risks..

risks have to be commensurate with the rewards ( you invest in a bank - you get less returns - but stable rewards - you invest in a minings stock - you take a huge risk - and hence - expect a hefty reward - to go along -> in short - risks have to be balanced with rewards)


so.. IF - we want a free society - as a society where people are free to make a choice - > then risk = part of the choice - and you know life is about living too - and in living - we have to make choices - solve the choice problem ie.


so.. the equation of life:


  1. life = living = make choices in expectation of rewards
  2. expectation of reward -> means -> accepting risks that come along

to solve the above equations - 1 and 2 - > the equation of life -> we need one key word - that was missing :

RIGHT - choice -> that is missing - 

now - what's right?

[a] depends on you - your values, goals, virtues - or lack there of 

[b] the knowledge you have about the choices that you can evaluate

[c] the ability and the skill to summarize and synthesize 

the A -> is a function of parental upbringing, environment, culture (some dont have kosher, while some do - and some refuse)

the B -> is a function of - education, books, friends.. environment 

the C -> is a function of -> educaction + analytical skills -

and you know - if you miss the A  B C -> dont worry -> 

a cat has 9 lives :)

you have do the do -> ie. redo it from scratch


To do the do -> the re-do - you need 3 things:

[a] belief

[b] conviction

[c] courage 

hope it helps


olga lednichenko


rachel - aka radmila

With any challange one assumes a certain amount of risk. Is the risk worth the reward? People involved in risky decissions directly involving the liberty of others must excersise caution that they are making a decission with the best interest of others involved, if this is not their motivation then they are resting on their laurels and feeding their ego and should not be trusted with such power!When one takes risk in personal matters I have learned that If my decission is not helping someone, I need to examine the facts and choices so that I am not bringing any harm to someone as well!Life would be boring without challenges, risks and decissions. The rewards of spiritual and mental growth far exceed any material possession that money can buy or force can conquer. What are risks, that would also depend on the moral stature of the risk taker. I:E: "If you can't do something to help someone, don't hurt them".

In a free society, the risk  is the lost of  future freedom.

Because; Parents of this generation and the next are abusing the freedom we have today, and don't teach their kids their responsabilities causing them to do as they please.

In  a free society, to maintein freedom it it takes responsabilities wich starts at home, otherwise  is the decay of society.

We need to remember from world history, anarchy brings tirany and loss of freedom, seems as humans, we never learn.


Sh4dox "One more shadow in all the world darkness"

Risky society: A society that may be harmed from the unexpected response from disappointing crowd against their self belief & choice. Those disappointing crowd may have some risky behaviour.

Identifiable crowd traits are:

[1] Inability to convince why a choice is more important/urgent than the others.

[2] Inability to explain what's the reward to follow that choice.

[3] Lack of clarity on articulating the cost of neglecting that preferred choice.

If everyone is able to articulate their thought, feelings & achievement in a nice way to the crowd, there would be a better society.



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