Social, economic, and political composition of the decade of corporate greed.

Describe the social, economic, and political composition of the decade of corporate greed and how it affected the political climate of the 1980's.

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I am just bored enough to answer this very good question. But your term paper most likely came due in 11 months. The corporations of the late 60's and I was there and incorporated in 1969, got a huge push from the Viet Nam War. When the Companies came to see just how easily the Draft came to an end, they realized that every politician of this new era could be bought also. The attitude backfired due to ignorance. With the end of the old Political Machines (and I was in Two), every small time elected jerk had their hand out. That meant that everyone had to be paid separately, and that got expensive. My own father was Nelson Rockafellors bagman in the New York State Supreme Court, he fixed trials. The Republicans did not know that he also worked for Meyer Lansky from 1949 until Meyer was set down by the commission in 1975. The reason for a strong BOSS RULE in the previous 100 years, was that the average citizen needed someone to go to for help. With the advent of criminal civil servants operating from a union base plus having civil service, which most cities did not have prior to 1971, the corporations were able to do more harm to prices, more harm to their own companies unions, and more harm to the general prices. There are no Bosses to control the Corporations. When a company can pay selectively to each arm of a Political Party, instead to a real boss, the peter principle kicks in. The American Political Arena got independant and uncontrolable. The private citizen suffered and the civil servant gained power through its unions, its benefits, and its now higher than private sector pay. The higher than private sector pay got to its worst now. It took 30 years for the Corporations to kill all private pensions. Senator Roth, the piece of crap that he was, made all people think that his Roth IRA and the 401 were good for America. They are only savings accounts, and the employee at best, gets a matching price of his savings. The civil servant pension is taxpayer guaranteed illegally. I have no more time. I, also worked for Meyer. I did a little more lifting than my dad but I was the upstate Teamster bagman in the early 70's for my partner Paulie DiCocco Sr. Paul is gone, Meyer is gone as are all my old associates. I was the youngest and am in my 60's now with MS. I lived through 3 Political Machines in all, and understand how the Corporations Won. They divided and they conquored. Good Luck, bigmikecraft 

bigmikecraft, the last Lansky enforcer

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