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You can't make this stuff up! http://www.christianpost.com/news/snake-handling-w-va-pastor-dies-after-poisonous-bite-during-sunday-service-75769/

Yeah, no snake handler has EVER been killed by one of their snakes. Of course it's bunk - it came from "christianpost.com". I guess "fairytalebullshit.com" was already taken.

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Paul Wittenberg Jr Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Atheist thrill seekers will always be at risk, but of greater importance, atheist thrill seekers place others in deadly peril.  What would have happened if those atheist snake charmers allowed their poisonous reptiles to bite passersby?


The Lord granted us protection from poisons early in the history of the Church, and there are still innumerable reports of miraculous healing consistently happening all over the world, which of course is the result of proven faith.


The problem is when atheists show that they are still reckless thrill seekers, have lightning tempers, are aabsolutely cowardly, and abuse children.  Alas, atheists have always been the dirtiest cult on ther planet and it is far too late to improve these abusive thrill seeking neighborhood bullies now.



Note that ALL of the severely abused children in this video got their lumps from atheists -- either abusive atheist parents, or criminal atheist child abductors.


Aren't these people just wonderful?

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike using aliases is being a coward fool. You post non stop doing that.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Atheists have always bought foolish hoaxes.  Who can respect fools? 


Atheists have always been too lazy to better themselves any way but by criminal misdoing.  Who can respect criminals?


Atheists have always been cowards.  Who can respect cowards?


Atheists might want to get out of work by any crooked means but it takes more effort to take part in their foolish (and illegal) get rich quick schemes than it would take to earn a lawful paycheck.


Is there one reason to respect atheists or buy their ridiculous hoaxes?

Anonymous Comment

Top Renner , The Actual Paul Wittenberg and Bob Suffolk have started off today's posting marathon by Rocmike and its aliases. We can look foward to another 13 to 16 hours of this idiot repeating the same thing over and over and using the word Atheist. We have added anonymous to the Rocmike posting marathon.

Paul Wittenberg Jr Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Atheist thrill seekers have always recklessly endangered others.  Discluding all their other wretched misconduct, let us consider their standard list of games that include hysterical suicide attempts. 


Usually atheist thrill seekers will feign suicide to get sympathy, blame the suicide attempt on someone the atheist hates, and he will suffer for the atheists false hysterics and bitterness.  It happens so often that no rational person could buy atheist games.


I find that atheists have always been bitter and bigoted, but the people who pay the worst price for the games and lies of atheists are innocent little children.


Since atheists lack any semblance of a conscience and must lie to remain in their outlaw cult, then clearly nothing has ever improved among these people at all.

Anonymous Comment

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