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How is she smoking opiates, how is that possibel and how can i help her!!!!

How to smoke opiates and make my sister stop

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If your sister is smoking opiates then she is probably using foil that is rolled into a tube or else using a pipe.  She would simply be heating the drug with a lighter or matches and then inhaling the smoke to get high.  You cannot "make" anyone stop using drugs but you should let your sister know that you are concerned and want to help her stop.  Ala-non is a place where you can find support from other people who are having the same sort of problems with their loved ones.  Good luck.

thank u for your quick response, I have found a pipe  made of foil but she tells me it is impossible to smoke opiates thru a pipe tht it would jst burn up...at my wits end that this is jst the begging to the end.

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