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Smoking dope while pregnant

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My 21 year old daughter just found out she is pregnant!  Wow did not see that coming!  She is determined that she is going to go through with it but is having a hard time giving up smoking pot and doing "bongs"  apparently she thinks that this is good for the baby and does not show any signs of stopping or quitting.  My questions are what are the chances of this baby having birth defects?   And no matter what our views are on " Abortion" should she continue to carry this child when she does not care of the outcome?

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I don't know what the amount of birth defects the baby could possibly have and I most certainly don't want to either. I do know the baby will most likely become addicted to the substance and that is not good. S/he will also have a very low birth weight most cases the babies are preemies. This has to be prevented. The baby doesn't have a choice what life s/he will grow up in ,but you do have a choice for your grand child. Talk to your daughter. If you already have and she won't listen call Child Protective Services. Something most be done because the baby deserves better than this. Good luck to you in this situation.

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Though I am an advocate of legalization, just as one should not drink while pregnant, one should not smoke while pregnant. We just don't know if it will have negative effects on the baby, but why take chances. And my personal experience after smoking for many years, it will definitely have a negative effect on the mnother's attitude, energy and mental state. She needs to be clean and sober and have her head straight if she wants to ne a mom.

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Your daughter is an adult, and as such, you may not be able to influence her decisions. If she's amenable to discussing it, you might suggest she ask her obstetrician for an opinion regarding her habitual pot smoking.

Failing that, you might do an Internet search for 'effects of marijuana on a fetus' and see if you think your daughter might listen to any of the information you find. There are several web sites which discuss this topic; some are negative and some clearly state that there's not a lot of 'known' dangers, but that it's best to err on the side of caution and stop smoking once you know you're pregnant.

If your daughter intends to have her baby, hopefully she'll want to give him or her the best start possible. With any luck, she'll realize that her habitual pot smoking mightn't be the best way to go about it.

Best of luck to all of you!

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It won't effect the physical development of the child at all  but it wouldn't surprise me if it affected the child developed concentration and memory problems.

If she had problems giving up tobacco I may have a tiny bit of sympathy with her, smoking is very very addictive. Weed on the other hand has almost zero physical addiction.



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