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Lately I have been smelling a strong garlic smell even though there is no garlic in the vicinity and I have not been eating garlic. This smell comes and goes and occurs in different places such as ...

wow this is been happening to me as well and just last week I was in the car and my daughters brother in law experience the same thing,but no one else in the car could smell it but him and me.. the first time it happened to me I was in a group and the smell of garlic was strong, when I commented it, no one else could smell it, this is why i am here to see if i could get and answer and i read your note.. someone help... this is weird,, God bless us...

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This just happened to me this week.  I smelled it strongly the minute I work up but only at the back of the house.  My son was sleeping in the next room and I thought maybe he had been drinking but he hadn't.  I smelled it off and on that day although he was gone all day.  Then a couple days later I could smell it off and on no matter where I was.  I don't use garlic or eat it!  I'm glad I'm not alone in this. 

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Did anyone find out what it was?  I have the same problem, it's been happening to me for a few months now and it's irritating.  At first I thought it was coming from my pores after eating a curry or something but this week I haven't had anything containg garlic at all and can still smell it.  I keep smelling my skin and cant smell anything and I've even asked my boyfriend if he can smell anything and he said no (he promised to let me know if he does).  Maybe it's something to do with the nose???

Laura Wagner

im smelling garlic too and i dont even eat the stuff wth


My husband and I are both smelling/tasting garlic, even though we have not eaten anything with garlic in it for over a week.  It comes and goes, stronger at times. I smell it at home,in my car, and at work.  This is awful, I work closely with people and am afraid I am offending them with garlic breath!  I hope someone comes up with an answer.


I've been smelling garlic in my bedroom and while brushing my teeth, even though I have not had anything with onions or garlic for at least a month if not longer. It's driving me crazy. However,  I have been taking a high dose of Vitamin D. for the last 3 weeks.  Could that have anything to do with it?

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