Why am I smelling garlic?

Lately I have been smelling a strong garlic smell even though there is no garlic in the vicinity and I  have not been eating garlic. This smell comes and goes and occurs in different places such as the car, the computer room, etc. Is this a symptom of some health problem that I should investigate?

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Before you rush to the doctor, consider another possibility: are there Mansoa alliacea bushes in the area? their leaves and flowers have garlicky smell when crushed.

Yaki's view is reasonable.  However, I think it's worth checking with a doctor.  Several names for smell dysfunctions might potentially apply to this situation:

"Dysosmia - Distorted identification of smell"

"Parosmia - Altered perception of smell in the presence of an odor, usually unpleasant"

"Phantosmia – Perception of smell without an odor present"

(eMedicine: Disorders of Taste and Smell)

Another term that you might see is "cacosmia."  In any event, you can ask a doctor.

Hi I have the same problem, particulary when people have been drinking alcohol. Its really strong, sometimes overwhealming. I have tried to research the topic but to no avail...

I have no answer. This morning I woke up to the smell of garlic and all troughout the day I've been smelling garlic. I keep smelling my arms maybe got some on me but I dont smell any garlic on me! Weird. Im gonna go to the Doc asap, and do more research.

Just a thought... perhaps there is something in your nose, rather than in the rooms.  I wear a nose-ring, and sometimes I can smell the debris that builds up around it (sounds gross, but it's no worse than a sweaty belly-button.) If I don't clean it, the smell comes and goes until I do. 

wow this is been happening to me as well and just last week I was in the car and my daughters brother in law experience the same thing,but no one else in the car could smell it but him and me.. the first time it happened to me I was in a group and the smell of garlic was strong, when I commented it, no one else could smell it, this is why i am here to see if i could get and answer and i read your note.. someone help... this is weird,, God bless us...

My husband and I are experiencing the same thing.  I hope someone has an answer!

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Why am I smelling garlic?

My husband and I are experiencing the same thing. I hope someone has an answer!

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