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Small business survival

What are the chances of a small private businnes surviving more then a year in the USA?(Statistics).

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Small Business Openings & Closings:

  • There were 671,800 new businesses, and 544,800*business closures. 

  • Two-thirds of new employer firms survive at least two years, and about 44% survive at least four.

  • Findings do not differ greatly across industry sectors.

*Not all closures were due to bankruptcies.
Sources: U.S. Small Business Administration, June 2006.
Survival and Longevity in the Business Employment Dynamics Database, Monthly Labor Review, May 2005. Redefining Business Success: Distinguishing Between Closure and Failure, Small Business Economics, August 2003.



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The chances of your business lasting more than a year or two is excellent if you have the right business and the knowledge.
The business plan. What is a business plan? Most of the people who rent a store have no concept of a pre conceived idea of how a business operates.
Money. When an entrepreneur opens a business and quits his or her job to operate the business the income from their job, if they had one, stops. Now they have no income, no customers a store full of merchandise that they had to buy to make it look like a store and expenses too numerous to mention.
Knowledge of how the business operates. The entrepreneur may have an idea but even if they were a manager they may not know the intricate details and the new entrepreneur can not ask the business owner down the street. The new entrepreneur may try to copy but it is different than having a support team that will give you the answers.
Unless you are operating a service business like barber, mechanic, restaurant, business can be operated on the Internet. The costs of a operating businesses at a  physical location are enormous and can not compete with the business that does not have a physical location. Operating a computer-based business makes a lot more sense than trying to operate a store.
About 10 years ago I was introduced to a multi billion-dollar company that invites people from all demographics to help people make money. The people who helped me said if you help enough people get what they want, you would have everything in life that you want. The monetary investment is very little and is refundable in the first 90 days if you do not wish to participate. The issues of leaving your job to try something new and not having any support are also not issues. You do not leave your job until you reached a point when your income exceeds the amount of your paycheck for at least six months. Some enjoy their jobs and continue working even though they have matched and exceed their income. Because the multi billion-dollar company was built on people helping people you get all the help you need IF YOU ASK FOR IT.
If you are looking for "overnight success" you will be disappointed. There is no business that will give you back your investment and give you a living wage the first two weeks like a boss gives you a paycheck. You will not be rich next week.
The parable says, "If you give someone a fish they will have fish tonight. If you teach someone to fish they will have fish forever." Using that analogy, the fish will not be given to you, even if you go near the water the fish will not jump out of the water into your pail. You can not sit by your TV and watch TV shows or sit by your computer and play games. Success will not come to you. You must go out and make the effort to be successful. A minimal effort will bring minimal success. The multi billion-dollar company will reward you in direct proportion to the value you generate. If it does not work out, the multi billion-dollar company will give you your initial monetary investment back if you discontinue within 90 days.
You are not selling, you are introducing people to a proven opportunity that has been favorably reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission and reported on by the Better Business Bureau favorably. Over 80 countries and territories have, after reviewing the concept, allowed this specific concept of free enterprise to be introduced to their people.
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Small business survival

The chances of your business lasting more than a year or two is excellent if you have the right business and the knowledge. The business plan. What is a business plan? Most of the people who rent a store have no concept of a pre conceived idea of how a business operates. Money. When an ...