Small business financing

How do I get financing for my small business idea?

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Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.

Plenty of options: banks, venture capitalists, etc. If you want to be creative with it and you think you have a very unique idea, maybe look for contests. Here is one, the VINE project by Seven Fund.

Never use a credit card...but you should develop a solid business plan, and visit a bank for assistance, or you can ask investors.  The possibilities are endless, but be sure to do research before committing. 

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A practical guide to building fully operational financial cash flow models for structured finance transactions. Structured finance and securitization deals are becoming more commonplace on Wall Street. Up until now, however, market participants have had to create their own models to analyze these deals, and new entrants have had to learn as they go and more knowledge of finance that you can get.


Should you want to develop your business and make more customers be aware to secure yourself up by assigning your prioroties and customers' interests.

Go ahead to global market contributing your vision and customer's needs.

Make it convenient  and available for everybody  all over the world as UPS,FedEx,CocaCola did.

You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Translational service.

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You can apply for a bank loan if yours is an existing business. You can apply for a Small Business Administration secured loan. Start-ups may need significant assets and capital to qualify for one. And you can also apply for a line of credit at your bank if yours is an existing business in need of a flexible source of capital.

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There are so many small business financing resource available. You can look out for business loan SBA , or search for other financing sources from banks or private institutions. But before you go to previous mentioned sources, you can start to propose your offer to close relatives like friends or families and let them decide whether they want to invest their money to your business or not. Of course you have to prepare a good and comprehensive business plan to be presented.

Use 2009 Small Business Toolkit with SBA Programs for Financing, Starting, and Managing Your Own Business, plus the SRB Library of Publications (Two CD-ROM Set)

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