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Small blank boxes with Ok button

When I click AOL to go to the sign on screen, I get multiple small blank boxes with an OK button in them. I have to press this ok button until the sign in screen comes in, does anyone know how to stop this from happening? Running spyware and virus progams did not stop the problem. The Pop-up block is on.

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Please let me know which AOL product you are using i.e. AOL webmail (http://mail.aol.com) or AOL Client (please mention the client version).


Also please let me know the following details.

  • Screen name in which you are facing this issue.
  • From when are you facing this issue.
  • Time zone e.g. EST / IST etc…
  • Screen shot of the issue.


Feel free to send the screen shot to websuitehelp@aol.com


Steps to take screen shot (Windows OS)

· Go to the page in which you have issue. 
· Click on 'Print Scrn' button from the keyboard. 
· Click on 'Start' button from your computer 
· Click on 'Run' 
· Type 'mspaint' and press 'Enter' key from your keyboard. 
· Press 'Ctrl' button and press 'V' from the keyboard 
· Click on 'File' from the menu and click on 'Save' 
· Click on 'Save' button from the pop up 
Steps to take screen shot (MAC OS) Press Shift + Command + 3 from your keyboard. You can see the screen shot file on your 'Desktop'

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Solved.   I had the same problem. I had just restored my laptop from a Recovery disk that came with my computer. Originally this laptop came with a McAFee anti-virus free trial. I uninstalled McAFee then reinstalled my Norton anti-virus. Then after installing AOL I had the small blank pop-up problem, In order to eliminate the them I had to download and run a McAFee complete removal tool named “MCPR”. This tool is from McAFee. This was a more complete cleanup of McAFee registry and misc files. When it completed, I rebooted the laptop. This solved my AOL pop-up problem. Note: the MCPR removal tool gave a message that not all files were removed, but it still solved this problem.

Even if McAFee was never on your computer, I believe some other registry clean-up utility would also fix this AOL problem.

MCPR = McAFee Consumer Removal tool


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