Sleeping with a fan switched ON

I had started sleeping with a fan switched ON, directed towards myself. Someone told me, this can cause back pains. Any truth in it?

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If you're cold and your muscles continually contract all night, sure. If you have bad sleeping posture, sure. But the fan in and of itself isn't a problem. I've slept with an 8-inch-bladed fan, NEXT TO MY FACE, all night, every single night, for 18 years now. The ONLY times I've had neck/back pain in the morning was due to posture/poor mattress. As soon as I resolve the mattress/posture issue, I sleep very peacefully with no cramps in the morning.

The chiropractor post is more about actually being cold.  The reference even omits an important detail - on hot nights, use of a desk fan blowing across a bowl of ice water is encouraged.


No, the fan itself won't cause problems for you. 

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Reading a chiropractor opinion , you should not sleep with the fan on your back.

Neck pain may result from the muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints of the spine and can be a source of pain in the upper back, shoulders or arms. Poor posture and injuries may lead to strained muscles and/or sprained ligaments, irritated nerves and joint degeneration as in arthritis in the neck with pain, stiffness and even headaches.

The advice: Do not sleep with a cold draft from an open window, air conditioning or fan on the neck or upper back as this can cause the muscles to contract for long periods of time resulting in a stiff neck.

On a cold night, avoid sleeping with the AC on under a fan or in the line of a draught, which could lead to cramps, stiffness and dysfunction.


So I guess it's no more fan from now on. Thanks mate.

i don't believe the fan will hurt your back. i have to sleep with a fan on due to me being overly warm and the noise helps me sleep. i have never had any problems with my back from it.

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