Get enough sleep can improve the health?

Get enough sleep can improve the health?

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A study found that 10 hours of sleep every day because of the proportion of cardiac death, only seven hours of sleep than twice as tall as people to, the proportion of deaths from stroke to high 3, 5 times. This is because sleep when blood flow is slow, thus increasing the heart and the possibility of cerebral thrombosis. Another reason, sleep time is too long, can make the muscle tissue miss activities opportunities, cause muscle relaxation, over time, people will be weak. Therefore, in the spring of sleep in general, adult day 7 to 8 hours sleep enough also.

The data show that general average need seven to adult 8.6 hours; 90% of the people sleep at night the brain can't calm; 75% of the people in the health; 26% of adults every difficulty falling asleep; 87% of the people in 23 points can't before sleep; 40% of adults dream, easy to wake; 37% of adults sleep not practical, sleep not heavy. Sleep has become the main factors affecting health. Sleep is not only a kind of life needs, is also a kind of survival to enjoy, even is the greatest joy in life.

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Important hormone production is regulated during sleep so enough or sound sleep helps you to stay fit and also affects children's growth.

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