Sixteen Year Old Spitting Up Blood

Im 16 years old, and this morning i woke up with a clogged throat. I thought it was nothing, so i cleared it. Instanstly i tastes blood all inside my mouth, i even put my finger in it and it came out full of blood. I ran to my bathroom to spit it out, and it was a huge blood clot about the size of a dollar, surrounded by white mucus. I keep spitting it up now every 5 minutes, and i have to go to work at 10.. i dont no whats wrong with me. Im getting a sore throat now, and i feel really dizzy. Help me =[

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Honey, please tell your parents right away so they can get you to the doctor.

I don't think it's anything you're going to die from, but spitting up blood is fairly serious. It's not a 'wait and see how you feel' kind of thing.

Please tell your parents right now. If they aren't home, then please call your doctor or advice nurse and ask them what you should do.

I think they will probably advise you to come in right away.

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Thanks for the invite JKgrandma,

     You posted this question 14 hours ago.  I just hope that you've been to the hospital to see the doctor.  Please let us know what the doctor said and let us know how you're doing.

     I hope you're doing OK.

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