Sitting on my heel and masturbating

Ever since I was a teenager I have sometimes turned myself on by sitting on my foot and squirming my clit (Vagina) against my heel. Is this normal?

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It may be a little unusual (your method of choice) but I suspect it's perfectly normal.

If it works for you and it's not interfering with your ability to form relationships (including intimate relationships, if you're ready for those); why worry about it?


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Not unusual - I have read quite a few times about younger girls who use this same method to masturbate.

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Hi there Brittany,

This is very normal... many girls do this without even thinking about it as it's so natural... I mean it is only a matter of sitting cross legged... another big one for girls is crossing one leg over the other and then swinging the leg on top back and forth causing some rubbing of the clitoris... you see women even doing this on the bus!

If you do this without clothing though I guess a foot wash would be a pretty good idea though...feet can get pretty gross from the floor and sweaty shoes etc.!

Thank you again for your question!


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Here's a video of someone sitting on heel whilst playing a board game

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