Is sitting behind another person every single day in a public to see their laptop screen grounds for a restraining order

Is sitting behind another person every single day in a public to see their laptop screen grounds for a restraining order

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I made a mistake last year that I will never repeat. There was this guy who had a MacBook Pro. I sat behind him everyday in the study lounge to look at his screen because I think Macs are cool. After many months, I befriended him and we hung out for a bit. The next few days I didn't seen him but I found him eventually and I asked to add him on Facebook. I added him, but he blocked me a few days later. I was told that if I approached him again he might get a restraining order against me.

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maybe he thinks you want to be more than friends or something,but if he has a mac,already know he's a little different than most people are.thats why they buy macs.


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