Discuss Byron's answer to: Is there ANY REALITY on this site of RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY or is it for all HYPOCRITES ONLY?

Why do you CONSTANTLY put us, the TRUE DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ, DOWN? We know that TRUE HYPOCRITES enjoy PRETENDING they are Christians? When Jesus walked on earth, He set examples of how we act ...

What's your point? Do you heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, cast out devils as Jesus said that the student renews himself spiritually would do? Do you love GOD and man unconditionally in everything you think, say and do? Do you even strive to do this and exert control and dominion over the animal-ego self that says "Don't love... live like an animal, it's ok"? The message of the Christ is revolutionary. He calls us to be our true noble spiritual selves and not just flesh, blood and bone mortals. Is this something that even interests you?

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stressed Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Byron, Christians have miracles.
Too many to count them.
Finest miracles
Are reshaped lives.


Others leave no explanation
Other than God acted.
One is the Miracle of the Gulls
In Utah, 1848.


Mormons planted wheat
In soil too salty to grow it.
It sprouted and grew.
Miraculous harvest.


Wausatch were amazed.
they could grow nothing
God gave the Mormons
food that way.


Crickets invaded.
Worst plague of them ever.
They thought they were goners.
Would not survive winter.


In came the gulls.
2,500 miles from Pacific.
Wausatch never saw them.
Before that hot day.


Gulls ate the crickets.
Saved them from starvation.
Mormons invited Wausatch.
New Thanksgiving Day.


Gulls still stay there.
No more from Pacific.
They took a place.
As a proven miracle.





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