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Who sings 1877 kars for kids?

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don't know if it's a kids from the kars4kids organization or kars for kids paid a kid to sing but the karsforkids jingle is one of the most popular ads on the radio now. and kars for kids phone number 1- 877 kars4kids is stuck in my brain forever and if my car dies i will definitely know which number to call

I'm sure they could find a kid from kars for kids to sing it they got loads of them. I was at six flags great escape recently and they brought o the kids there there were literally hundreds of them - actually they were a little to loud for my taste but overall the staff had them under control and it looked like they were having a blast. Hope they weren't singing 1 877 kars4kids KARS FOR KIDS on the buses -the drivers would go insane

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