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Should Chris Brown Get a Second Chance?

Chris Brown has been praised for attending domestic violence classes and completing community service hours since he was reprimanded by the court and found guilty of assaulting then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna.

Would you give him a second chance?

Should Chris Brown Get a Second Chance?Nick Ut, AP

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Yeah, I think so. Everyone deserves a second chance.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

If he takes these classes seriously and controls his use of drugs and drink, then of course, yes. Some people get second chances and never change. If he seems intent on correcting his previously destructive behavior, I wish him well, and hope he succeeds.

No, no unsupervised.



:) Mexicali

Why not because he is still young and can change. Especially in view of how much humiliation he has already suffered. And he deserved it and more. But he will have to earn every bit of trust that he gets along the way! 

Never listen to haters, try to be greater

For crying out loud......he didn't kill the girl.  He slapped her and it sounded to me as she was partally responsible by grabbing his phone, screaming at him and getting a bit out of control herself.

How many years must we punish someone for a slap?

My opinions are mine.

Don't we all deserve a second chance? She forgave him, why can everyone else.

Olive Garden

Yes, everybody deserves to have second chances. he still can change and with attending classes to change his attitude would let him be a good man. he is still a man that makes mistakes. hope that rihanna would forgive him.

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