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Dear Friends;

Affect of todays' Liberals on our Freedoms is something we have to address, or loose.

>>> The Liberty and Freedom Foundation

NANCY PELOSI & LIBERALS INTRODUCE LIMITS TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT - In an unbelievable move, and a preview of Obama's second term, Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal Democrats introduced a bill to LIMIT THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Nancy Pelosi wants to limit the First Amendment to regulate political speech. Liberals would be the arbiter of who gets to have political speech and who doesn't. It would limit who gets to spend money on political campaigns and would force the taxpayer to fund political campaigns. FIRST AMENDMENT GONE...How many more do you think Pelosi and Obama will go after if he is re-elected. Welcome to Tyranny!!!<<<

Shalom shall come later. Now is the time for action!


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Bill Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

That is not the only abuse of law atheists demand.  The list is so long and grotesque that I find I do not wqish to enumerate it.  Suffice that atheist Richard Dawkins has repeatedly demanded that,"All non-atheists should be immediately, humanely euhanized like the disgusting wild animals that they are, or used for medical experimentation.  Of course, only atheists are human therefore we must eliminate religion by any and all means possuble for the betterment of the world. 


"Hitler was right about his final solution idea but he didn't go far enough.  Now it is for us to corect Hitler's intolerable shortfall . . .."


The one atheist on AOL Answers has demanded that repeatedly and is deadly serious about it.  There is no question about the actual character of atheists.

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