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How sin affects our relationship with creation?

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It seems to me that once we are aware that we have sinned, or gone against the Will of our Creator, we would realize that we have "sinned against nature."    And therefore against creation.

It seems to me that you are wrong. Once we have sinned that sin cuts us off from God until we repent of that sin and ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sin is an expression of selfishness. Selfishness, as expressed by a person, is living out a life that is focused on self.

To be focused on oneself is not be able to see the sunsets, tofeel the breeze, to smell the magnolias, to taste the honeysuckle, or to hear the nightinggale.

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice.....* Victims of circumstance owe it to fate. Victims of choice owe it to themselves.*One of the widest gaps in human experience is the gap between what we say we want to be and our willingness to discipline ourselves to get there.

Canker, it  seems to me that you are posting just to argue, so go ahead, argue with yourself.

You people need to get over yourselves.
If you think "God" gives a rats ass what stupid little shit you do down here on little old planet Earth, then you either see God as the world biggest Gladys Kravitz wannabe, or yourself as someone that God, in all his wondrous majesty, should care about. And oh how special that makes you. And in case you missed it that was sarcasm.
You "sin" ageist yourself. You "sin" ageist your fellow man when you fail to remember that he to is your brother. "Creation" has better things to do then concern it's self with your petty self absorbed issues.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

What was the effect of atheism on the environment?  Let us look at the sheer recklessness of atheists.

  • US nuclear weapons tests: 317 atomspheric, 12 exoatmospheric, 4 underwater, classified number underground (believed about 225).  1 test involving ground troops, no casualties.  108.3 megatons total burst with all weapons.
  • USSR nuclear weapons tests: 776 atmospheric (later discovered 3,220 atmospheric) including the largest military weapon ever developed, the Tsar Bomba.  307 tests involved ground troops who had not been informed they were part of nuclear weapons tests , casualties still unknown.  441 exoatmospheric (18 seperate types).  186 underwater (involving Kuznetsov and Minsk class attack vessels, Akula and Typhoon-class submarines with full crews aboard who had not been informed of the tests).  7,887.3 megatons total yeild (admitted) and Chernobyl Disaster (released as much radioactive material as 20.5 megatons of air burst plutonium weapons.
  • China weapons tests: 697 atmospheric burst (some of unknown yeild) 12 underwater mid ocean.  Failed launch of 22 ICBM's from Hunan Missile Range, with 9 weapons, all 10-megaton expected yeild, still unaccounted for.  104 plutonium fueled and 72 hydrogen fueled tests infolving troops -- 9 in occupied areas with over 7,000 civilian fatalities known.  Other tests have not been disclosed.
  • North Korea, 2 atmospheric tests.  No other data.
  • Pakistan: 6 underground tests.
  • Iran: 9 underground and one exoatmospheric test.  No data on casualties.

I could go on and on describing the sheer ecological disaster atheist nations have committed.  With the exception of exoatmospheric and underground tests, the fallout had gone around the world several times.

I changed my buddy icon because Physicalist pirated my screen name. Atheists have a way of being obnoxious, but that is because they lack a case. My new buddy icon is the planet Uranus. It will stay so until Physicalist learns his place -- under the front porch.

Dear Friends;

Affect of todays' Liberals on our Freedoms is something we have to address, or loose.

>>> The Liberty and Freedom Foundation

NANCY PELOSI & LIBERALS INTRODUCE LIMITS TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT - In an unbelievable move, and a preview of Obama's second term, Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal Democrats introduced a bill to LIMIT THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Nancy Pelosi wants to limit the First Amendment to regulate political speech. Liberals would be the arbiter of who gets to have political speech and who doesn't. It would limit who gets to spend money on political campaigns and would force the taxpayer to fund political campaigns. FIRST AMENDMENT GONE...How many more do you think Pelosi and Obama will go after if he is re-elected. Welcome to Tyranny!!!<<<

Shalom shall come later. Now is the time for action!


Religion is the weakness of the masses.  I don't believe in sin, hell, or heaven.  I don't need a god to tell me what is right or wrong, I know what is right and wrong. 

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