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When does one sell their gold/silver

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Gold and Silver are pretty high on the market now - I just sold a handful of old gold and silver and got 475.00!  Any good jewelry store will buy it from you!

sell when the market is up and sell direct to a refinery such as United Precious metals which i use you will get more money than these shops they also have an account where you can refine your gold and silver and hold it there till the price goes up ........Gary

There are various reasons to sell gold and silver. Increase in market value of the gold, financial problems, need of urgent cash are some reasons to sell them. And to get good cash for your gold, the best place would be gold buyers. They asess jewelry based on craftsmanship, market value and aesthetics. A few checks you need to perform about gold buyers would be - check for BBB ratings, online reviews, market status of the company and their staff's qualification. I have heard a lot about Fabrikant Fine Diamonds located in New York’s diamond district. You can visit their office for an assessment of your jewelry, and if you are happy with their price quote, you can go ahead and sell your gold. If you are not in a position to visit them in person, they accept jewelry by mail from throughout US. You can even contact them through their website contact form @ http://www.fabon5th.com/contactus.html .

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