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Is it really worth paying for a private detective ...

Is it really worth paying for a private detective if you suspect your spouse of cheating? I keep telling my friends that if you have a real suspicion you should just confront him and you will know by his response.

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What you tell your friends is "all well and good" but some men are such good liars they can convince anyone they're telling the truth.  So if their boyfriend is a good liar, nothing will show on his face but anger at having been accused of cheating. 

Yes, some private detectives earn their pay by producing photographs of the suspect with another woman in a compromising situation, which is PROOF OF HIS CHEATING.  Or the girlfriend could just do her own snooping!

If he says he's working late, go by his office & stake out the parking lot and his car.  (The car and him may already be gone when she gets there, thus she'll know he was lieing.)  If he leaves earlier than he predicted, then she can follow him at a distance.  See where he goes.  Check his cell phone for strange numbers called at odd hours.

Have your friends watch "Cheaters" t.v. show on Sunday morning 3AM on ABC Network (this is the time it is aired on the East Coast/North Carolina).  It is hilarious!  Catches people in the ACT!

"Life is what you make it! It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be successful, but is rewarding". However good or bad your situation is, it will change! Remember: God does not promise us another day, so no matter how you feel, GET UP! DRESS UP! AND SHOW UP!

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