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Signing on again too soon

I can not connect to AIM, its telling me I'm signing on again too soon, its been about an hour since I last tried. Can some one please help?

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Please let me know if you are still facing the issue to websuitehelp@aol.com

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This is all part of the new FASCISM of AOL. If I am chatting on AIM and I lose my internet connection (even for a second) then AIM disconnects and every time I try to sign back in it says I am "signing in too soon". This is how AIM treats its users now, with absolute contempt! So, the people I was chatting with on AIM have no idea what has happened and why I haven't signed back in, they're just left hanging there and I am denied the ability to sign back on. Instead of being able to sign back on to AIM and continue my conversations with people, I am now unable to sign back on like I ALWAYS have been able to ever since the very first version of AIM which was on Windows 3.1 

This is corporate idiocy, complete fascism, and a total lack of caring for their users. What other instant messaging program will not let you sign back on if you are disconnected from it?? None. Only AIM does that now, these people are evil to the core! I was a paid AOL member for over 12 years (since 1997 and AOL version 2.5) and everyone knows how their idiotic corporate decisions and inept customer service completely destroyed the AOL service, which was one of the largest providers in the world. Now they are doing the very same thing with the AIM service, ruining the service and driving their users away in droves while they constantly release new versions of the AIM software which are always worse than the previous version, constantly badgering and bullying their users to "upgrade" only to give them worthless software that constantly crashes on both PC and Mac versions of AIM. It seems that all AIM cares about now is limiting the functionality of AIM, bloating their program with useless FaKebook features, and that moronic Lifestream which very few users care about or ever use!

To further enhance their corporate evil, AIM is blatantly violating the privacy of every AIM user with these new AIM versions, by making everyone's buddy list public by default and showing children's full name on buddy lists instead of just the screen name as it always has been. A class action lawsuit needs to be brought against AOL for these diabolical practices, and I just may be the one to file it on behalf of everyone whose rights to privacy AOL is trampling on. I intend to uninstall AIM on all my computers and never use it again (what good is it when I cannot even sign on after being disconnected because now it is "too soon" to sign back on according to the new AOL Nazis??), I will never use AIM again, AOL mail, nor any other AOL website for any reason. I urge everyone else to do the same and it will finally send a message to these corporate demons that they cannot treat their users with such callous disregard. 

Imagine if you are on the phone talking to someone, you get disconnected and then try to call them back and the phone tells you it is "too soon to make a call, try again later on". This is the insanity of AOL and their completely absurd practices!!

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Signing On Again Too Soon.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Please try calling 1-877-786-0722 (Mon-Fri 8am-1am EST and Sat 8am-10pm EST) for help with your account.