Why can't I sign in?

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Whenever I try to sign in I get an error message.

What's wrong?


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It seems you're using your screen name rather than your email.

Please try to sign in using the email address you have signed up with.

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We'll take care to try and clarify this in a better way.


i am trying to sign up for yedda with my email add. but it keeps telling me someone eles has that emaill how can that be pls help



Do you mean you try to sign in with another profile other than this one:


Please forward the email address you're referring to directly to me:


and I will be happy to look into the matter.



(content and community team, Yedda)

I am a member. My screen name is Honeymine1@aol.com I forgot my password so I reset it with another password. I still cannot sign in. What do I do next?

I would like to change my username, using my same password....How ?


I really think this site is trying to get a lot of email addresses,as I tried to sign up and they said I made a ,mistake,getting thier page,after all my information they

refused my  sign up.

I Can't sing up.How do I do it? please help me.

Just an FYI to the Yeddai who are posting to this question:

1) The asker of this question is not a member of Yedda staff. If s/he were to be a staff member, the label 'Staff' would appear at the bottom of the icon.

2) Those of you who are stating that you cannot sign in, etcetera, ARE in. If you were not, your response would not be here.

3) If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Yedda's staff directly by using the 'Feedback' link found at the upper right of your screen.

Once the page loads, simply select the appropriate topic from the pull down menu and then type your message in the accompanying text box.

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