I have been sick for several years I lost my home ...

I have been sick for several years I lost my home and my car I need help , am not the type to ask for help but i have to get to the doctor I dont have my special shoes I need to wear because I cant get to the doctor,I pray that someone can help me with a car.

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There are so many people in need in this great country and we can't even help with the basic needs of so many. People with lost jobs, no insurance and can't pay for prescriptions they need. And then a preacher buys a Ten and a half million dollar house. Why would he need something like that? How can he sleep at night when he has been given so much and does so little with it?

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A cabinet falling off of a wall is never a homeowner/renters fault unless they had cinder blocks or were storing their workout weights in the cabinets. Essentially, kitchen cabinets are "supposed" to be secured into wood with screws. A common problem, especially in apartment complexes, is that ...

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Again, the identity of the poster is immaterial. It is simply wrong for AOL not to pull these posts. I am not sure that this sight is safe for chimpanzees and snail darters at this point in time.

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If you had pictures and files on a disk drive that crashed, there are drive recovery services but they are not cheap. If you sent or received the pictures on AOL, and you didn't delete the mail, they might still be in your Old Mail or Sent Mail.