Why Do Siblings Have To Take Advantage Of Their Brothers And /Or Sisters Heart?

Okay  last  year  me  and my sister , Had  a wonderful  relationship , We  got together went shopping   And  when she  took  me shopping, We would  stop  And  eat  out , Yes  i  paid  for the  bill

Okay  her   ex-bf   is  now  in  jail  since 1/21/09  for   inappropiate  relationships with  his   two  neices ,  This  was  to  been going on over  a   10 year  period , He  didn't  go to trial

But  lately  my  sister , Has  been treating  me like  crap ,  As  soon  , As  I  mention  that  I will take  her    and  My  neice  out  for   lunch  or supper   And  pay  for  the meal ,  She  is all for that

She  stopped  taking   me  to Walmart , And  Yes she  was  paid  cash  for  taking  me  to  there Or I  would   take  her   And  my neice  out  to  lunch  or  dinner   , I  ask  her  what  she  wanted    to  do

It   really  hurts  to  know  That  siblings  can turn   on   You  for  no  reason   But  yet  when My  sister  needs  something ,  She  knows  who to  call  on

She  was  happy  last year , Cause  she would use  her  (than)  Bf's   credit  card  on  purchases And  She  would  pay  for  our  meal

So  last  Sunday ,  I  called  her  to pick  me up at   a  local  store , I  waited  And  she  kept lingering  on , Thank  God  someone  I knew gave me  a  ride  up  the hill  with my groceries Cause  my  sister  , Was  lingering  to  get  me Plus   I  did  offer  to  take  her  And  my  neice out  to  lunch

By  time  I  got  home,  I  texted  message  my sister   And  told  her  never  mind , Someone else  gave  me  a  ride  up  the  hill  with  my groceries  that  don't  bother  coming  to  pick me  up

Guess  what  my  sister  text   message me  back Are   we  going  out  to  lunch  ?  I  text  message back,  No  I  am staying  home  It just hurts  to  know  I  am being used  by  people

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It sounds like you just took the first step - you said "no".

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No  my  sister is  a  user ,  I  am a   giver  , Other relatives  have done  for her  And  she  treats them like  crap

When   my  neice  was  a  baby learning  to walk, She  grabbed  onto  my  sisters  leg  while  my  sister  was  doing  dishes   And  my  sister said, Get  the  F*ck  out  of  here

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Being a giver - the only advice I have right now is don't give yourself away. I know because I did.

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Hi Unkdertaker.  I agree with Donna, and I think the reason your sister keeps asking you for things is because she knows you won't say no...but you finally did, and good for you!  No one likes being used, especially by their own relatives...I know...I am a giver too.  My guess is you probably feel sorry for your neice too, especially if your sister says mean things to her.  It sounds like you have such a big heart and your sister knows it so she takes advantage of it. 

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In honesty of being a sibling myself. I have had somewhat the same experience. It took me on a spiritual journey  and at the same time, hateful thoughts conflicking with good thoughts. What I noticed was during the good times when times are good and everything flows and we are recieving what we want were happy, content and easy going. When times get tough, we strike out at everyone but ourselves. Alot of people get content and lazy when everything is done for them. In this case, you are the giver and give freely from the heart not expecting something in return. On the other hand, while your sister was able to rise on her boyfriends wings and see her needs met she is now conflicking with her needs and wants and perhaps a little scared because she has no one to lean on at this time. Her free use of the credit card is gone, her giddy feeling of being able to buy and do things she wants is now limited. This is a shaker to ones confidence and self esteem. I don't think it is you that she is mad at.Perhaps it's herself for having leaned on someone for so long that she cannot feel she can lean on herself to supply her needs. What she needs to realise is to lean on God for her needs and let go of the worry of wondering what am I going to wear, what I am going to eat, and where is the money going to come from she should just look around and see that indeed her needs are being met. She may see you as sucessful and "taken care of" while she is hitting stumbling blocks. Can you imagine whats it like to love someone who is now in jail for a dirty deed. Her love is there and perhaps dought at the same time. Be still , and quiet and don't throw things in her face. Give her time to accept the things she cannot change. Yes, it easy to let someone always pay our way, and now that the BF is out of the picture she wants to lean on you again. Politely let her know, you are there for her but you too have your needs and things you must care for also. suggest that she put a little money away when she can for a "rainy day" and next time you two want to go out she will have the means to pay her way and not wait for you to say, here let me pay for this..... I dought she is against you personally. Just give her space to discover she will be okay.

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It sounds to me like your sister needs to grow up. Getting a ittle bit of maturity behind her will do her the world of good.

unfortunately, people who tend to have a lot of things done for them as they are growing up tend o expect it when they are grown. Watch the movie Step-Brothers.

Stop doing for her and wait till she comes to you to ask for companionship. It is hard when you want to be close to your siblings but is it worth being used?

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