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Shrub smells like urine (Variegated Boxwood)

variegated boxwood    My son's neighbor had these shrubs right under her front window.  They smell like urine and she is claiming it's caused by his cat.  These shrubs normally smell like that.  The cat cannot possibly be urinating on top of her tall plants.  She has filed numerous complaints against him with Animal Control and he is being fined.  She is now taking him to court.  I need articles proving that these plants do have an odor that some people think smells like cat pee.  Any help would be appreciated.  My son needs to prepare his case for court.  The cat is neutered and does not spray.  In fact, he rarely outside. 

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I can't help you with that, but has your son considered asking that the neighbor be ordered to run a sample of the bush in question through a laboratory analysis to see if it actually IS cat urine?

If so, perhaps his cat's innocence or guilt could be proven one way or the other (with concrete evidence).

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Even if it turns out to be cat urine, is your cat the only one in the neighborhood?  I would think there are more and wonder how she would prove it is your cat causing the problems.

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