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Short Version of Children's Rosary Prayers

A few years ago while searching the web I came across a short version of the rosary for small children.  Prayers were only 3-6 words.  But it gave the children an understanding of the use of the rosary, practice in reciting, and actual praying for their short attention span.

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 There are no official Catholic Church prayers for a child

The following are the words of The Blessed Mother:

"My children, in the short Rosary, the decades are replaced with 3 'Hail Mary' instead of 10. Including the 'Our Father', the 3 'Hail Mary' and the 'Glory Be' between the Cross and the Medal, my little ones are called to pray 6 sets of five prayers. Until such time as they have reached the age of reason, my little ones may omit the 'Apostle's Creed.'"


(Example: 6 x 1 'Our Father,' 3 'Hail Mary,' 1 'Glory Be.') "My children, prior to each set of 5 prayers, remind  my little ones to reflect  upon one of  the  mysteries. Help them grow in this very special devotion that shall save the world. One day, through the Rosary, I shall bring peace to the world." [April 11, 2003; 6:45 A.M.]

I make these official Child's Short Rosaries which you can find on my website




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