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Do you know where I can find World's Best Fitting Intimates brand underwear that used to be available at Walmart?

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Hi.  I am also looking for "the best filling intimates in the world", but I have been in different Wall Marts and they are not available.  The company that manufactures them is SaraMax Apparel Group, P. O. Box 2309, New York, NY  10116-2309.  I have tried emailing them, but no success.  But then, I will be staying near their offices in NY in October and I plan to visit SaraMax and get information about the underwear. I hope to get first hand information soon.  I must say that they are the best underwear available, although they had changed the cotton and lycra spandex contents - I preferred their previous one.

So tell me, did you get an answer? are they available online anywhere?  Has anyone asked the buyers at Wallie World why they no longer carry this terrific line of underthings? I'm going to - if there is enough inquiry, perhaps they'll restock them!!

No...I have gotten no response to my quest!  Still hoping, though, because I certainly would like to find them.  I did call the Walmart head office and ask that they be put back into stock, so we'll see.

Oops, forgot to mention that I could not find them anywhere online.

Hi.  I said I'll visit SaraMax in NY and I just did (if anyone was in doubt, now you know the underwear must be really good...).  I met with their Operations Manager.   The situation is the following:  Wal Mart is the exclusive distributor for "the best fitting intimates in the word" and they stopped their orders a year ago.  It must of course be related to their selling results with the brand.  While in NY, I also met the Brand Merchandise Manager in Wal Mart and she promised to check into the situation and see why they stopped buying the brand, if they should reconsider or if they have something similar to offer. Believe me, I tried to buy directly from Sara Max while I was there and it is not something they could consider.  I'll write if I have some more news, but I think the best thing to do is to keep calling Wal Mart.  It is terrible to know that the merchandise we want to acquire so badly is ready to be sent to Wal Mart upon their order...

Galls im in the same boat we all are how about we right letter right target we have 2 be heard ......man i had 2 look for em at walamart when they were out they could not keep them in stock ....im in texas

I work for the manufacturer of this wonderful product. We are planning on launching a website so that we can sell this directly to the consumer since Wal-mart has cancelled this program. It will take a month or two to get this up and running, but we can notify you once this happens. If you email me at dknupp@saramax.com, i will let you know.

Again, thanks for all of your support!


Excellent!!! Be sure to post it when the website is up and running...many gals are waiting!

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