Do you go shopping with your kids?

Do you consider shopping with your children "quality time"?

How often do you go shopping with your kids?

Do you go shopping with your kids?Getty

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Is this a trick question? No, I do not consider going shopping as spending quality time with my kids. 

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I think that it depends on how old your kids are and what kind of shopping you do. Shopping for my mom and I was always quality time. But for my mother and brother, not fun!

I actually do that quite a lot . I can't call it the best quality time but I see any time with my kids better then anything else.

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Shopping with kids can be a real pain, of course.  But, it can also be quality time if the parent intentionally treats it like a learning experience.  Studies have shown that young children, 0-3 years old need a variety of situations where there parents are introducing them to language in order to prepare them for school.  A shopping trip is a great way to use all kinds of language with your kids.

Also, a shopping trip can be a great lesson in generosity for kids.  Have your kids help you go shopping for other people on your holiday list or even to give to kids through a charitable organizations.  This way, they get to understand what it takes to give to others.  How much more quality can you get than that?

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Rarely- I only consider it quality time when I have money to spend

Of course I let my daughter shop with me.  She is 14.  Heck she finds things that I cannot find most times.  I even took her Black Friday shopping with me in the wee hours of the morning.

I always shop with my 13 year old daughter. And it's DEFINITELY quality time! And it's a great teaching experience. We learn nutrition facts and plan by the food pyramid. We clip coupons, choose meals together, plan our grocery list together based on all the local sales, and shop together. She is more interested in the healthy part than I am!(I wait until she uses the bathroom to throw a treat in!)

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