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Shooting at U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

What's your reaction to Wednesday's deadly attack at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.? Share your comments here.

Shooting at U.S. Holocaust Memorial MuseumAlex Brandon, AP

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We wake up every morning to something shocking that has happened in the world yesterday. It may be a local incident, something in a distant state or city, or in a totally different part of the country. The older one becomes, and the more we have been exposed to these type of situations, the less shocked we become. After years of violance, wars, and man's inhumanity to man; we tend to become numb to the shock of what is  happening around us. After a while a realization settles in that we can not protect the world from people who are crazy; be it an international terriosist like Hitler, or a local mad person like the person who let his hatred of the world, and the people eat him up until he acted in a way to try to shock people by killing. This young man who gave his life trying to protect people in a museum, doing his job, is a prime example that none of us are safe in the world. It is part of what the world always has been, always will be. Sad. 

First of all the guy is not a "white supremacist" he is a lowlife scumbag that belongs to a group that thinks they are supreme. Hopefully he will meet the same fate as his innocent victim.


If it's funny, laugh. If it isn't funny, laugh anyway!

This may sound nots, but, some of these happenings look like intentional planning. I pray Iam wrong. I will continue to pray for all Jewish people here in America and Israel and around the world.

If God is with us, who can be against us?

How tragic  that someone could hate as much as this man did. I visited the museum a couple of months ago and was deeply moved and saddened by the inhumanity and cruelty that the victims of the Holocaust endured at the hands of the Nazis.  I prayed that this place of remembrance would help others never to forget that hate and violence perpetuated on someone solely on the basis of their race or ethnic identity slowly but surely kills the spirit that makes each of us human.  We, all of us, must start opening our eyes and our hearts to embrace the differences in one another. 

The ironic thing is that this is why museums like the Holocaust Museum exist--to remind us of the havoc that unbridled hatred can wreak.  Being a member of a minority group and having been to the Holocaust Museum a few years ago, I shudder when I think that I could easily have been in the right place at the wrong time.  This is why we need to fight harder against injustices to people of all races and beliefs.

You and me both; as you point out, continued violence and hate against people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds will ultimately rupture the fabric that holds human society together.  We can start with us in turning the tide of hate.

This attack is simply the arguments of the "Right" taken to the extreme. 

Understand somthing America. The "Right" is about hate. Rush, and Newt and Hannity and Glenn Beck will deny it, but what they preach is hate, and what they practice is hate. Last week it was a doctor. This week it was a security guard. Next week - if they had their wish - it would be somebody higher up. And - as always - they will all cry crocodile tears and secretly rejoice.

The white supremacists, the anti immigrant posturers, the dittoheads on the radio and the assorted morons on cable TV are all about hate. The only difference between them and this guy was in degree.

Try him quick and give him the needle.

Excuse me, but I thought America was the great melting pot, the land of the free, the land of diversity, etc.  Guess not.

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