What is this shit?

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It's AOL losing even more customers. Just once it would be nice if they left the good stuff alone.

Anything is better than these message boaqrds. LONG


Do you spit or swallow?

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That's the proof. Tadpole made it very clear that all leftists are obnoxious paranoids.

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Going down like your mom on anyone with $2. Of course if you'd care to predict that Romney will win, now would be a good time to do it. So go ahead, Chumpy. Predict that your loser will win, loser.

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Digestive functions are a linear function of the mass consumed, not exponential.

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You need to contact Tommy Tadpole about that. He's the AOL Answers resident expert on shit-eating, shit slinging, and any other kind of shit-related subject, most especially bullshitting, at which he's a master extraordinaire.