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Republicans care about animals, Democrats don't.

Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act (VMMA) (H.R. 1528), in step with the U.S. Senate’s approval of an ...
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Is Greatbore215 capable of an original thought?

Does anyone here think Greatbore has any original thoughts? I've never seen a single original, coherent, post from it, only a link to some far left propaganda blog.
  Posted 9 months ago .


Evilutionists keep on changing their tune, while Christian scientists had known the Truth all along!

An interesting article from the ICR. See the original link if pictures/formatting don't show: Chimp DNA Mutation Study—Selective Yet Surprising by ...
  Posted 25 days ago .
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Where is Greatbore's outrage over this?

Literally 2 minutes after the cease fire began, Hamas killed 2 Israeli soldiers and kidnapped a 3rd. Isn't it funny how Greatbore never mentions the atrocities that Hamas commits ...
  Posted 5 hours ago .


What is the multiple of 67 and 113

what is the multiple of 67 and 113
  Posted 4 hours ago .