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Shih Tzu breathing problems

I have a puppy that I bought from a pet shop and has been wheezing and sounds like having trouble breathing by making this weird breathing noise. Because she didn't do it in front of the vet - they assumed she has kennel cough and gave her medication. She is still making the noise and its scarey. Anyone have a shih tzu that had this type of problem - she is only 11 weeks old. I don't know if this is the start of more problems or kennel cough as the vet assumed. Thank you for any help.

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She needs help.  Most probably came from a "PUPPY MILL"  May also have respiratory infection.  Get a second opinion. 

i have a shihtzu but i didnt have him from a puppy. i have had him 2 years now but hes started to make an awfull noise when he drinks water eats food and walks. it lasts about 5 minuites. ive taken him to the vets who thought it was a throat infection. he drinks water constantly. has anyone else had this problem

i have a male shih tzu n he is 2 years old now .. i buy him from 1 years old .. he always have breathing problem since i buy .. n sometime he have a funny voice when he's eat .. 1st im worry .. but soon i know how to handle that .. ususally he have that problem when his so exciting .. n dont be panic .. the 1st thing that you can do is don't lever eave him alone .. try to make him relax .. n make sure you rub him so gentle .. n if you watch tv or have some noise you must turn off for a second coz he gonna need a relax place too .. try to follow this step .. coz everytime this happen to my dog .. is not till a minute n he is ok again .. but yes my dog always have that problem till now .. hope you understand what i say coz i still learn my englis .. n hope this information will help .. CA

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