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looking for shemale for love an marrages

i been with an shemale befor.an i wood like to know where wood i find an bigbreast shemale for love an for marrage to.wood i go to gay bars or what im talking about gorgouse one to .

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You are asking something that is difficult to answer with so little information. How old are the two of you. How long were you together. Why did you separate. Impertinent to the answer. Therefore I must say to you, answer these questions, look at what you had or did not have and you will get ...

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well,what if YOU had asked to wait before you got married?wouldn't you want your wishes to be respected?

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Seems to me the two go together like peanut butter and jelly. I mean, if you don't have lust for someone but you think you love them, somebody is going to get the short end of the stick or no stick at all.

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Do you remember the old saying: "Actions speak louder than words" ? His actions say that he does not really mean what he is saying. If he really loved you he would do anything to be with you. Sorry, if my words hurt you.