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What is the shelf life for condoms?

I'm trying to figure out when condoms were purchased.  They expire in 2011.  How long are they good prior to expiration?

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Good morning.  I am a HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention Specialist and have working in the field for over 15 years.  The condoms are good up until 2011.  We distribute condoms and just received a delivery of over 5,000 condoms.  We receive our delivery every two months like clock work.  Our condoms come straight from Synergy Inc.  I just looked on the box that was just received last thursday.  The box states 6/4/06.  It looks like the condoms was created 2 years ago and has a 5 year longevity.  What is most important about condoms is the proper use of them.  The best place to get condoms would be at your local Department of Health facility or a AIDS Service Organization in your area.  They are FREE.  By the time we get our next shipment of condoms, we have two boxes in our office.  We give boxes of condoms away in high risk behavior areas, twice a week, as well as individuals looking up free condoms on the internet.  I grateful that you even asked that question, which means that there is someone out there who is concerned about their health and the health of others.  Thanks


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