Sharia law not allowed in USA? REEEAAALLY? Try to ...

Sharia law not allowed in USA? REEEAAALLY?  Try to convince Ernest Perce.

Hundreds of threats for assault victim in case dismissed by Quran-minded judge

Pamela Geller interview: Ernest Perce, the man who dressed as "Zombie Muhammad" for a Halloween parade, was attacked by a Muslim during the parade, and then lectured on Islam by a dhimmi judge who dismissed the charges against the Muslim and told Perce that what he had done would get him killed in a Muslim country. Geller has new revelations about the case in this piece: "Hundreds of threats for assault victim in case dismissed by Quran-minded judge," by Pamela Geller for The Daily Caller, February 26:

The Pennsylvania man assaulted in October by a Muslim who was offended by his Halloween parade “Zombie Muhammad” costume said he has received hundreds of death threats after a judge dismissed his attacker’s criminal charges.

Ernest Perce told The Daily Caller that Talaag Elbayomy, a Muslim man, “grabbed me, choked me from the back, and spun me around to try to get my sign off that was wrapped around my neck.”

Elbayomy reportedly admitted to a police officer, Sgt. Bryan Curtis, that he attempted to rip Perce’s fake beard off, remove his “Muhammed of Islam” sign and choke him.

Perce said he believes Elbayomy thought it was illegal in the United States to insult Muhammad, as it is in countries whose governments are based on Sharia law.

Last week Judge Mark Martin sided with Perce’s attacker, saying in open court that Perce would be put to death in Muslim societies for showing disrespect to Muhammad. The judge dismissed the charges against Elbayomy.

“You’re way outside your boundaries of First Amendment rights,” the judge said during the trial.

“Martin’s decision effectively says that Muslims do not have to learn to accept blasphemy against their religion without violence.” Pence told TheDC. “Yet when you are a citizen of the USA, you accept our Constitution. Free speech is our foundation.” (RELATED: Judge dismisses charges against Muslim man who attacked atheist dress as ‘Zombie Muhammad’)

The same judge is also threatening Perce with contempt of court for making and sharing a recording of the courtroom hearing.

Listen to the courtroom proceedings:

Perce says he has received 471 threats against his life in the short time since his attacked was acquitted...from adherents to the religion of peace.

“People have said that they would kill me, rip my eyes out, run me over, shoot me and then laugh at me, since I have blasphemed Muhammad,” he told TheDC. “They say I will be found out and hung in front of my family.”...



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Gramma:  Read the Constitution. 

Yet another stupid irrelevant answer from cafe.  Perhaps the Muslim judge in the case should have read the Constitution before his ruling?  He'll have plenty of time now, since he has been forced into hiding.  Do you STILL not get it?  MUSLIM judge says it is OK to assault people in America if they insult Mohammad?  Scolded the victim for insulting Islam.  LET THE MUSLIM ASSAILANT GO FREE.  THAT is sharia enforcement.  And you are a fool. 

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