The whole shabang potato chips-how to get them?

can anybody tell me how i can order potato chips called THE WHOLE SHABANG-ALL SEASONED.i tried everything but i just can't seem to find them and they're sooooo gooood!!!!

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Sorry to inform you but you can only get them from a correctional institution (local jail or prison). My husband is a sergeant at our local jail and he brings them home when he can get them. The one's he brings home are by the MOON LODGE. The people who supply them to the jail have no idea on how the outside world can get them. I agree they are sooooo good and you can't just eat one. A matter of fact  I'm eating a bag as I type my response. If my husband can get any info I will post it for you. Good luck with finding out how to get them.

can the chip the whole shabang be brought by the public in bulk perhaps from a website?

and here we go to jail or prison is the best way or if you know a correction officer .

i just found out u can get them at sams club

This is hilarious.  Is it the only cool thing about doing time?  I've been out of prison for three years and have not been able to find these chips anywhere on the 'outside.' 

Oh, my God--they're SO GOOD.

Mmmm these chips are soooo good. I ordered them at New Haven Correction Center in New Haven CT they are on the commissary list.. But I also want to know where I can get these chips without revisiting jail.

I don't like the Whole Shabang as much as I do their Sour Cream and Onion chips.  I would buy two bags every week and eat one on the spot that same day,no the instant I got my bag. Oh! I've been in prison too. If the only way I can get them is to go back, then God only knows I'll never eat them ever, never, ever again!!!

r u serious you can get them at sams club in pa

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