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The gradual increase in summer temperature, you want to go to the beach to relax their mood? I believe many people will go to the intention of the seaside resort. The sun playing in the water. Afternoon beaches, night parties and other occasions completely need the company of a bikini. Today Bikini developed rapidly, there are many styles, such as cute, sexy, sweet, etc., different styles of bikini will give you what kind of summer?

First introduced under Knitted Striped Bikini Set the color to white, then black striped embellishment, very classic colors, but also by everyone's favorite.Secondly, it Knitted Striped Bikini the Set with Acrylic, + Spandex moisture absorption, good, quick guide wet, relatively small diameter, is an important summer clothes one of the fiber material, the flexibility is good. And difficult to damage. It striped bikini is the flagship product in the summer of each year, this simple bikini will give you a good effect.

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