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I have no sexual pleasure through penetration or masturbation AT ALL?

I have been sexually active for just over two years, but since I have been, I haven't felt any sexual pleasure at all. I have 'explored' on my own, and I know everything there is to know (after a lot of asking around, google searches and books) and I still cannot pleasure myself. I have been with two people, one experienced and one not-so-experienced, and neither of them caused any sort of reaction. I wanted to have sex with them but as soon as they started 'their thing' I didn't feel anything. 

I've been to the Doctor, who said it could be a hormone imbalance, but I had blood tests and they came back fine. 

I have a small clitoris; sometimes I can't even see/find it: Could this be the problem? 

I don't think it's anything to do with my past - so not psychological. 

It's getting me down, as it's putting me off getting into any relationship as I don't feel I'm worth anyone's time, or the lack of feeling may be a sign that I don't deserve a relationship. 

Even if anyone is feeling the same, it would help to hear about your problem and if you have had any luck getting it 'fixed' as such.

Thank you. 

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I have the same issue but am probably much older than you. I had my first orgasm at the age of 25 and it took forever. My partner could not maintain an erection so he performed oral stimulation and as I said it took forever. I am not a very sexual person and have had orgasms through masturbation and even that took forever. I have been married now for 13 years and we have sex infrequently . Penetration is not a big turn on for me - it actually is unpleasant and I can't explain why. It baffles me and yes I have a hard time finding my clitoris so I guess I wasn't much help to you.

Please see a sexologist.   The sooner the better.  What you describe is much more coomn that you would think.  The good news are:  it is solvable in the vast magority of the case. 

Love is the battery of life....

holly what is your exact age. i think you are suffering with sexual disorder and most probably it it is due to psychological reasons. u need to visit any clinical psychologist to findout the causes/reasons of your disorder.

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