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I was sexual Abused by a Man 5 years ago a and he ...

I was sexual Abused by a Man 5 years ago a and he has some type of controle on me. I feel like i owe him something. I Continue to let him controle every aspect of my life. hes has physical and continuesly mental abusesme. i can say im letting this go on but dont understand why? my health has declined, have allot of stress. I really need help. is there anything that i can do to realize i dont need this in my life. he does not talk to me all day long unless i get up to do something and he tells me i cant go out side and i cant go no where with my kids and i cant do anything without him but he watches tv and on internet like he lives in a fantasy world. has nothing to do with me. and i live with him

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Do you have any family you can go to?

Melissa, you need to talk to a psychologist. Nobody online can guess what's wrong with you or help you get out of it. You need face-to-face discussion with a professional counselor/psychologist. This relationship is not only harming you but your kids as well.

Good luck

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Butt out! It's none of your business. Your sister needs to learn to stand on her own two feet & fight her own battles. You can't live her life for her forever.

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Hi Spouty, I think that you need to see a Psychotherapist and get some counseling. You need to get over that incident totally so that it won't be carried over to the new relationship. Get rid of that extra baggage and unload them totally to the counselor.