I recently lost my virginity to this guy I've been ...

I recently lost my virginity to this guy I've been with for a while. We've only done it two times, because it was on the 30th (last week) that I lost it. The second time the condom slipped a little when I pulled away and he checked and said that all of the stuff on the outside he was sure was me. Then over the weekend (saturday night)he was fingering me and he ripped me, so I bled a lot. It was a little scary actually. I slept like a baby that night. And last night (sunday night) I went to sleep and slept for nine hours. I woke up today and I still feel tired and a tad achy. Is this possibly tiredness from the loss of blood because it ran down my leg and really did gush for a few minutes. Or is there some chance that I'm pregnant? Or am I just freaking myself out?

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You wouldn't even be pregnant yet and definitely too early for pregnancy symptoms. It takes a week for the sperm to fertilize the egg. So, you can ease your mind at the thought of being pregnant. You could be tired for many reasons: diet changes, poor diet, stress, etc.

You  should  get  a  pregnancy  test  if   you  haven't    already ,   And  hopefuly   everythings  okay , When  a   condom  slips off  or    he  withdraws  from  you  with   the  condom   coming  off ,  Yes  there is  still  chances   of   becoming  pregnant

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seeing how the first and last time you have have sex have been within this week nope it takes a month for the sperm to even meet the egg [hint why you cant take a test till your missed/next period.] you are not pergo. as for the condom sliping part i would say verry unlikely, but possible. and the blood thing, his nails could of scrached your insides which is a reason you could of been bleeding. not knowing the basic things about sex prob means that you are not ready to be having sex.

call me whatever you want, ill call it jealous. darling your shits weak

Im sorry that is false, it does not take a month for sperm to meet with an egg. It takes about 30 minutes for the sperm to connect with an egg. I felt strange 2-3 days after conception, I had this feeling that I was pregnant. Yet, I let it go for a couple of weeks. I went to see my doctor and I was 3 and a half weeks pregnant. They say that implantation of the fertilized egg occurs about 22 days after. You would have to do further research to find out if a pregnancy test would show accurate before implantation. 

What seems strange to me is that you didn't bleed from intercourse but from him fingering you- which I agree with the above posters that he cut you inside. Mixed with your natural lubrication, it may have seemed like a lot more blood than you actually bled.

I would still go see your doctor if you don't start to feel better. You may just be tired from the excitement, stress, and body changes. Also, the pregnancy tests you buy at the local drug store, are the same ones your doctor uses. In fact, the day before I went to see my doctor I took a pregnancy test, it came back positive. My doctor said there was no point in taking another pregnancy test, so he took a blood test to see how far along I was-

A few tips... you should let him pull out and remain still, and most importantly, he should be holding the condom on as he withdraws, just for both of your protection. Its not just pregnancy you should be concerned with, its also diseases. It seems people still think that you have to look like you have HIV to have it, you don't- Also remember theres the gestation period for your body to even build anti bodies against the virus. So, you can test negative I believe its now six wks. They've changed it several times so its hard to keep track. But they have a 20 minute test now that gives you the results, instead of waiting 2 wks. But if you test postitive, they have to confirm it with a 2 wk test.


The best of luck- I hope the information I gave helped... Here is a link with the best information on conception I could find fast...


Take care of yourself-

it takes more than 30 minuntes. and there is no way that you could feel pregnant at 2-3 days. seeing how it takes 4 weeks for symptoms to start showing up. {thats why you have to wait till your missed period to take a test} and you proved that you were lying. for the first 2 weeks of your pregnancy you wont actually be pregnant, {typo when i put a month} conception takes 14 days after you have sex. so 2 days after you have sex you must be making yourself feel that way woundering if you are pregnant or not. the 2nd week is when the sperm meets the egg. and your body still cant tell taht you are going to have a baby, for most people its 3 weeks after the day you had sex is when you start showing symptoms. and for some it takes 4 weeks. week three you can sometimes see spotting, you will be tired and breasts will be tender. week four is when your baby can be called an embryo and inplants in your uturus, and this week is also the week you can find out if you are indeed pregnant or not. http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com/calendar/1-week-pregnant.html http://kidshealth.org/parent/pregnancy_calendar/week1.html

call me whatever you want, ill call it jealous. darling your shits weak

Use  Some Common Sense  And  Get  Some Brains  Stop  Sneaking   And  Get On  B/C

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I apologize for taking a week to reply. I have a busy life and do not follow these boards that closely. Then again I didn't expect someone to call me a liar for simply sharing my own personal experience, which I still stand behind. I didn't even respond to your question, all I did was simply state that the 30 day fact you provided was false. You yourself admitted it was wrong. So why are you so hostile? Was it wrong of me to point that out? I gave a link to the information I came across- I never claimed to be a medical doctor.

I only gave my own personal experience. Which was my first time in my life being pregnant. Yet I still will say I knew right away. How I knew, I'm not really sure, yet obviously I knew, since I have my 11 month old son to prove it. I still went to see my doctor at 3 & a half weeks pregnant, and he did a blood test to see how far along I was, and I was 3.5 weeks pregnant. I'm not quite sure just what you think I'm lying about. This is one experience I will never forget one single detail about, since I now have my beautiful baby boy Bret. 

As far as "making myself feel that way" IMPOSSIBLE  Bret's father and I were trying for a long time to concieve. I never felt that way before that time or since having Bret. Again, I do not know how I knew, but I knew. Not everyone has the same experience. Just like you can find different facts on the same subject. I do not understand why you felt the need to call me a liar, I wasn't trying to be rude towards you or anyone. I was simply sharing information I came across on the internet and sharing my own experience. The reason I provided the link was to show where I had read the information.

Again, I wasn't being rude to anyone- there was no need to be rude towards me- And I'm sorry if you think I would have the need to lie to voluntarily answer a strangers question, but I don't have the time in life nor do I feel the need to lie about anything. I know what I felt and I know it was my first pregnancy- thats all I was sharing- my personal experience. To the girl who asked the question, I hope all is well with you and good luck- I hope you had your questions, answered and your concerns put to rest.


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