What does pussy taste like? I mean I'm bi and i have never eaten a girl out before, and i'm curious to what it tastes like...

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if you're a ms you have one of your own.  taste it and see.

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what does Mango taste like? well, like mango, right - taste is very hard to explain. It's a bit salty and a bit sour, and also very different between different people. As said, try your own to find out.

Also, spit and sweat are a good indication as to what to expect. If you ever tasted sperm it's also a good indication as to the realm of flavor you can expect though the texture is different. 

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Do you like anchovies?

You can get it on your pizza too.

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A womans vagina has a unique smell . I believe every woman has a slightely different aroma . I would describe it as a sweet smell of innocence mixed with a touch of naughtyness and delightful excitement!!! . A irrisistible combination that once experienced you'll always remember her .You females are so beautiful in every way .............


George, awesome answer man,

"A irrisistible combination that once experienced you'll always remember her . You females are so beautiful in every way ............. "

Since this question was posted 2 years ago I'm betting Ms. Jess knows the answer for herself by now and I hope she agrees with your opinion.

"I've heard you're a low down yankee liar!"

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