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There is a concept called acceptance and surrender. Accept the fact that you are addicted and surrender to the fact that you can't get over this behavior alone.

What we mean by take each 24 hour period, is the concept that you can stop anything for 24 hours. (there is a little more to it, but it is to lengthy to explain it all). Then take the next 24 hours to refrain from the addictive behavior you are struggling with and gradually you start to manage your behavior. Implement the mental exercises and you will learn how to manage your addiction. One of the the first mental exercises is a letter to your addict and also a rocking chair assignment.

The letter to the addict is writing down everything you can possibly think of, when your addiction began. What started it, etc.? (You will throw this away later, it is only to bring complete awareness of everything.)

Then the rocking chair assignment causes you to look towards the future, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 80 years. What do you want to be like? What will you be like if you continue where you are at right now and don't get some additional help.

We have put together a blog that helps individuals with porn addiction. We post on this weekly and Gordon, founder of InnerGold answers several questions that individuals have: http://helpforpornaddicts.com

Hopefully, this provides you some more insight.

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