Is it normal for a guy to kiss a girl's bare ass?

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I think as part of forplay it is quite legit. If it happens in public it's a different story.

Normal?   Absolutely.  

Most guys enjoy kissing all over their woman's bare body, regardless of place.   The bare buttocks are by far one of the more common (and enjoyable) places to deliver affection.     Certainly nothing abnormal about it.


That's what I always think.  Everytime I see a nice ass on you tube and I reply that I like to kiss her ass, people reply back to me saying that I am crazy.  Of course I am not the only guy who likes to kiss female ass all over, but quite a few guys and girls say I am sick. 

i dont know how normal it is to kiss a girls ass/ but if you do enjoy it it is part of who you are i think to say on the average alot of guys do and even more its your tender lovin signature dont worry about it and explore more ok/ love dan

Deal with it -It wont hurt!

yes men are freaks when it comes to sex they like some weird things

nothing wrong with it at all. women are beautiful creatures

Absolutely ! I say - "bare it and lets share it"!   

You know, this reminds me of the joke about the drunk that walks in the bar and wants the bartender to sell him a bottle of whiskey to-go. The bartender sais no chance in hell. The drunk sais - Ah c'mon ! I got this girl out in the car - she's got her gloves on her feet -- her shoes on her hands and everytime I try to kiss her - she goes - ppppphhhhhhh !

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