Motors are built for not only the voltage they'll be running at, but the frequency too. We use 120 volts at 60 Hz, while Europe uses 240 volts at 50 Hz. First off the motors built for 60 cycles- but are running on 50 spin 20% slower, and 50 Hz running on 60 spin 20% faster. So bringing one of our motors over to Europe would be a bit hard on it, kinda like running the 120V motor at only 100V. It probably wouldn't ruin it, but it's not designed for it, and it would get hot. But that would especially be a problem for a heavily loaded motor running continuously, but I'd imagine your sewing machine wouldn't be loading the motor up too heavily like sewing leather or something, plus I doubt it runs more than say, 50% of the time. So my guess is for ordinary use, and you feel it's still powerful enough over there, you'd be fine, but if you were using it commercially you could probably order a 240V 50Hz motor. Maybe they make inverters that change frequency too? 

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